I just received email notice that OC is no longer available. We don't have a new dates yet.


Option to start a little later?

My client has a religious festival/ceremony on the morning of June 29. We could start at 12pm if that would work for you? I can check with opposing counsel.

Also - on "party information" you have the information backwards. I am Plaintiff's counsel, and Jason Carter represents Robin Kappell, Defendant. Thank you.

White v. Neal Mediation with Kristin Pitts

The parties were able to come to a settlement agreement prior to mediation.

Change of Counsel

Opposing counsel has also changed it is now.

Ankur P. Trivedi: (attorney)
Carlissa Thompson: (paralegal)

Move one hour

I would like to inquire if we can move our mediation start time from 10:00 am too 11:00 AM.

Thank you!

Jasmine Morales and Miranda Grevious v. Amber Smith

Good morning, we have not agreed on a date for the reschedule just yet. But I would like to cancel the mediation for May 4th. The attorney for the defendant will be in trial for the next two weeks. Thank you.

Cancellation of Bly v. Austin Mediation

Please cancel this mediation. The parties have settled this matter.

Thank you

Gabelyn Stevens v. Haley E. Kademan

I need to reschedule this mediation. The claim representative was not available on 10/25/2022.
I need to reschedule for November 3, 2022 from 9:00 am to 12 pm.

Cancel Mediation

The parties were able to reach a settlement today. Please cancel the Court ordered mediation. A draft was sent from State Farm to Miles for the mediation costs. Please return the check to my office when it is received.

Reschedule Mediation

March 22 in morning.


The parties have settled the case and will not require mediation. Thank you for your assistance.

Cancellation of Mediation

We require this mediation be cancelled due to an extension from the court. We will likely reschedule to a later date.

be sure Nik Makarenko is the defense lawyer

I noticed that I"m listed as the plaintiff's lawyer and defense lawyer but the defense lawyer is Nik Makarenko