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Alam, M vs. Cruz, T

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Mediation Information

Mediation Date: 07/14/2021 Morning (9am-12pm)

Mediator: Kristen Pitts

Mediation No.: 809fcd

Case Information

Case Style: Alam, M vs. Cruz, T

Case Number: 20EV005858


Party Information

Attorney: ERIC JENSEN, Represents the Plaintiff


Phone Number: (404) 842-9380

Attorney: Eric Jensen , Represents the Defense

Representing: Plaintiff
Phone Number: (404) 937-7400

Case Documents

No documents have been uploaded.

A message from your Mediator

Good afternoon!

I am looking forward to serving as the mediator for your upcoming mediation, on July 14, 2021.

If you have any materials you wish for me to review in advance of the mediation, you can upload those documents here on your mediation account page. Additionally, you can correspond with me regarding any questions or concerns that you may have in advance of the mediation on this page, as well.

The mediation will be conducted via the Zoom platform. The link to the Zoom platform has been provided to you below this note.

Thank you for choosing ADR on Demand.


Kristen Pitts

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